The OG

Pronounced Oh-Gee (short for The Original Grandma), she's a Lakeside Muskoka cottage jammed full of heart & cha cha cha!

She's the bee's knees:

One of my favourite childhood memories was playing Skee-ball with my Grandma.

She was particularly adept at a curveball and a compliment, both of which kept me tossing those balls over & over & over again.  

To this day, I’m still not great at the curveball, but I can rock a heartfelt compliment any day of the week.  

Thanks Grandma!

Grandma's Portrait

Laying it all out...

The OG cottage is located on a quiet inlet off Muskoka's Sparrow Lake in Gravenhurst, just 90 minutes from Toronto.  Soak 'er up, she'll be all yours!

Story Time:
A Tale of Two Kitties

Common sense may say to avoid magic markers & midnight working but then again...

... we're anything but common.

We’d been wanting to replace the carpet in the Games Room for years, and now was our chance.  We pulled together the materials, the tools, ourselves & our furry friends, then got to it.

The work happened in fits & starts - just as we’d get going on installing the flooring, we’d be interrupted.  

Turns out Meeko the cat is anything but meek.  She loved exploring everywhere from the openings in the floor, to the loud mitre saw.  

While Muggle the cat was, in fact, very magical.  She could find any dropped screw, which inevitably led to her batting every screw away in order to find it again.  *Sigh*

Nevertheless, we worked tirelessly for three days & nights.  It was midnight on the last day, and we were exhausted.  The floor was looking dazzling with just a few more boards to install.  

One of us came up with the idea to leave our mark on the sub-flooring with a heartfelt message.  Magic marker in hand, and in our late night haze, we left our immortal impression:  

With love, we got ‘er done in spits & farts!

Finding time together...

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