The Lowdown

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What size are the beds?  Find descriptions of all the bedrooms for The OG, Cahoots, or Woody Cottage.

What's the layout?  Have a looky at cottage layout for The OG, Cahoots, or Woody Cottage.

How many people can the cottages sleep?  We comfortably sleep 12 folks.  If you're honky-dory to cuddle up, you're welcome to have a couple more guests in most seasons (this may incur an additional charge).  Contact us to discuss the options 

Is it wheelchair accessible?  The cottage is not officially wheelchair accessible (yet! - it's in the renovation plans) but we have had guests in wheelchairs in the past.  It requires a little bit of extra muscle power and some ingenuity.  If you have any concerns at all, please contact us and we can talk it through together.

All in all, it's our hope to make the cottage as comfortable and inviting to everyone as possible.  We'd certainly love to have you & we'd love to hear your feedback on how we can make it even better 

Is there air-conditioning (a/c)?  Since most folks like to come up and experience the peace, quiet, and authenticity rural cottage country, we try keep everything as natural as possible, so there isn’t any central air conditioning.  Instead, along with many fans and a portable air conditioning unit, there’s a regular westerly wind that creates lovely cross-breezes through the cottage - just leave the windows open at night to let the cool air flow through! 

Is the kitchen well equipped?  Yes, it is.  There's some more info on the packing list or send us your specific questions 

What size is the fridge?  Details on the size of the fridge are available on the packing list 

Is the oven self-cleaning (kosher)?  Yes, indeed, as long as you're comfortable with using the self-cleaning for this purpose, it's all good 

Is there satellite or cable TV?   Most folks come up to getaway from it all, so we've done our best to leave the cottage and 'er surroundings as natural as possible.  The cottage doesn't have satellite or cable TV, though there's a large TV with a DVD player & plenty of movies.  There's also free internet so, if you're handy with it, you can watch the big game online 

Can we smoke at the cottage?  Smoking isn't allowed inside the cottage but it's fine anywhere outside.  We ask ya to put cigarette butts into one of the supplied ashtrays and remove them along with the garbage


Is the hot tub open?  Yes!  The hot tub is open all year round.  For your winter time pleasure, we also have a lakeside sauna, firepit & fireplaces - wohooo 

Is the sauna open?  You betcha it is.  The sauna is open all year round - come and warm yer bones 

Can we swim at the cottage?  Our family loves to, so you certainly can with the knowledge that it's a lake you'll be swimming in.  The lakefront itself is natural, making it an ideal fish habitat (and fab for catching lunch ;)  Most folks who head up to the cottage are looking to spend time in nature, as nature intended, so if you're okay with the fishies, lilly pads & reeds - like our family is - you can swim off the end of the dock or sandy beach, while others prefer to row or paddle out into the inlet or lake to swim.  Please note that in the middle of summer, the reeds are at their tallest & most majestic, so if you're uncomfortable with natural lake shorelines, this may not be the place for you & yours - worry not, we won't take it personally!  For the wee wonders, there's also a large sandy beach & wading area great for toddlers

Can our kids/toddlers swim there?  Our kids love it.  The lakefront itself is natural and we have a large sandy area beside that's specifically designed for toddlers to play & wade into the edge of the lake.  It's shallow and extends out into the lake for the wee wonders.  At The OG, specifically, the bigger kids jump off the end of the dock when they don't mind swimming with the fishies, lilly pads & reeds.  We're on a calm inlet so there's no currents to worry about (there isn’t even any rowdy boater or jet-ski traffic to make waves - yay).   For more on the swimming, see "Can we swim at the cottage?" above 

Can we fish at the cottage?  Yes indeed, you can catch lunch right from the beach.  If you're big on fishing, The OG which is on Sparrow Lake, is known to local fisherfolk-in-the-know for catching in the wonderful natural habitat.

Is there fishing equipment?  You'll definitely want to bring your own fishing equipment with you to reel in some lunch

Are there fishing boats?  It depends what boat you consider a fishing boat as we've got some options including a canoe & a rowboat (depending on which cottage yer at)

Can we rent motor boats?  Yes, indeed.  Check out the lovely local folks like Lauderdale Point Marina and Sopher's Landing Marina.  There's also Muskoka Wharf Marine and Northern Lakes Marine who'll deliver boats right to the local boat launch for ya:
The OG - Franklin Park on Sparrow Lake
Cahoots - North Morrison Lake Boat Launch
Woody - Fox Point Public Boat Launch on Wood Lake

Can I dock my own boat?  If you'd like to dock your boat right at the cottage, The OG has a dock that with water depth at about 5 feet.  You can launch it locally and moor it on the dock at the cottage. The dock will be in the water from Victoria day weekend (May) thru thanksgiving weekend (October), weather permitting

How much outside space is there?  Oodles.  There's anywhere between one-two acres of cleared property (and loads of forest).  On the lakeside of the cottage, each cottage has spacious decks, lotsa lawn sprawling space & a sandy beach.  Check out The OG, Cahoots, or Woody Cottage for visuals

Can we hoot & holler with music?  Being at a lakefront cottage has its perks, like being able to enjoy it with your loved ones, and we like to remember that we share the lake with lotsa lovely folks who've also come up to relax.  If it's a summer pool party vibe yer after, with outdoor music, hoots & hollers, there's plenty of other places to do that (Vegas, anyone?)  Because noise travels so easily across water, up in Muskoka, music amplifying devices are asked to be kept indoors, so that the natural outdoor vibes can continue to be shared by everyone. If you're like us and just wanna soak up the calm, quiet, and peacefulness of the lake and each other, then you'll be ace.  We love the sound of nature, swapping campfire stories, and sharing giggles - that's music to our ears!


Will the lake be frozen?  This is a very difficult question to answer as it, obviously, depends on the weather.  Generally speaking, the ice is at a suitable depth some time in December or January (occasionally earlier) until at least March.  At the Woody Cottage, specifically, we recommend a quick stroll up the road to the public access for more solid adventures on ice. Have a look at the "How to know when ice is safe" wiki-how page for more information 

Will the driveway be plowed?  Yes, both the driveway & the private lane leading up to the cottage are plowed regularly by professionals 

Can we ice-fish at the cottage?  Yes indeed. You can weather the elements directly with a chair, or rent an ice fishing hut & equipment from some local folx like Sopher's Landing.

Need a fishing license? Get your fishing license here

Where's the snowmobile trails?  At The OG and Woody, it's right outside the back door!  Both are on the OFSC snowmobile trails.  There are numerous trails nearby including the 200 kilometers of trails with the Snowcrest Riders Snowmobile Club and Trans Canada Trail.

Can we rent snowmobiles?  Sure can.  We'll introduce ya to some lovely local folks that offer snowmobile rentals 

Meat & potatoes

How much does it cost?  See the rates info.  If ya can hear us clucking but can't find our nest, contact us & we'll help ya work it all out 

How much is the booking deposit?  To reserve your dates, we ask for a booking deposit of 50% of the rental rate 

How much is the security deposit?  There's a minimum security deposit* of $1000, which we collect just a week before your getaway and wing back to ya in full within ten business days when the cottage and 'er surroundings are left as you found 'em - undamaged and in a clean, re-rentable state.  Wanna pay it later?   Need it back sooner?  Just let us know 

* We may require additional security deposits for pets, large gatherings, events, extended stays, etc.  We'll let ya know early on.

How much is the cleaning fee?  We like to keep our rates as pocket-book friendly as possible so we ask ya to leave the cottage as ya found 'er - in a clean, re-rentable state.  But some folks prefer not to herd everyone into cleaning up (which can make for a grumpy end of an otherwise lovely getaway), so if you'd prefer, we can arrange for someone else to do the bulk of the Barn Sweeping (aka cleaning) for ya - yaaaaay.  You can see the complete list of what's covered in our handy dandy end of stay checklist

Enjoy relaxing longer for $345 +tax

How do I pay using e-transfer?  Have no fear, it's super easy.  Just ping us and we'll walk ya through it :)

How do I pay using Paypal?  PayPal charges a 3% fee which, as a family owned cottage, we're unable to cover.  Past that, it's fairly easy.  We'll provide you with a figure including the fees & then just follow the instructions on the Paypal website 

Is it available on weekends?  Yup.  We've got weekends available all year round, including during the summer.  Yippee 

Can we have a party?  Nope.  Simple as that.  If you're looking for a party cottage, then moooove along.  It's not gonna happen here.

If, however, you're looking to simply enjoy a relaxing cottage getaway with your loved ones, and you respect that everyone else around ya comes to relax at their cottages too, then we'd love to have ya!  You're also asked to remember that noise travels easily across a lake, so no outdoor music devices are allowed (speakers, boom boxes, etc) and to keep the noise down, especially after 10:30pm (which is a Muskoka-wide bylaw - and the quickest way to put a real damper on yer getaway with a visit & fine from the OPP!) 

Can we have an early check-in?  Can we have a late check-out?  During the fall, winter and spring, contact us and we'll do our darnedest for ya.  In the summer, however, we're not able to as there's just too much to get done in a super short period o' time  

Where do we get the keys?  Have no fear - entry information will be sent to you one week before your getaway begins 

Can we have a look around?  Certainly you can.  As you'd expect, we want to preserve the peace and tranquility for our guests, so just contact us & we'll work out a good time for ya to have a gander 

How many VIPeeps are allowed to rent during COVID? As Ontario continues to respond to Covid-19, we’re trusting our lovely guests to relax responsibly by respecting any current provincial guidelines. It’s easier to enjoy each other’s company while spread out across nearly 3000 sqft of cottage (oh and don’t forget about the great outdoors ;)

With the cottages being in the boonies, you'll be able to getaway with your loved ones, safe in the arms of Mother Nature, without having to interact with anyone else. We just ask folks to be mindful & responsible for taking care of their own health, which’ll in turn take care of everyone’s.

Are the cottages thoroughly cleaned during COVID?  While we usually ask folx to tidy up after themselves (and still do!), we’ve also doubled up on giving the cottage a deep clean between our lovely guests. We’re using the helpful tips & practices from Public Health Canada to ensure all our surfaces, knobs, handles, linens, and so on, are given a thorough disinfecting when we do all the magic-behind-the-scenes.  And, as always, we’re leaving disinfectant & cleaning products available for use at any time during your getaway.  We love making sure the cottage is taken care of, so you & yours can enjoy your time together with peace of mind :)

What happens if we need to cancel or there’s another “lockdown”?  Sh*t, uh, Cancellations happen. We understand that sometimes the unforeseen gets in the way of your getaway and we try our best to make everything a bit easier for ya.  When booked directly with us:

Annnnnnnd, if you do have the chance to book directly with us again in the future, we'll put any administration fee towards your next getaway, easy peasy. Life is bigger with friendly cancellation policies :)

What to bring

What do we need to bring with us?  Good question.  Have a look at the packing list 

Do we need to bring bedding?  Nope, we provide 'em.  Unless you'd like to bring your own, in which case, feel free (You can find the respective bed sizes & snoozing layout here for The OG, Cahoots, or Woody Cottage

Do we need to bring towels?  Yes and don't forget to bring some for the hot tub & sauna too (see the packing list

Is firewood provided?  We start ya off with a whack o’ logs so depending on how handy ya are as the fire-tender, and how much fire lovin’ you’d like, you could be all set.  Otherwise, you may wanna get some more, lol.  They sell it at most gas stations & grocery stores up in this neck o' the woods (about $12/bag) or you're welcome to buy some directly at the cottage.  We’ve conveniently left some piled for ya with the prices marked (about $15 for a similar quantity).  You can either leave cash or we can sort it out with the security deposit afterward, whadevah suits ya :) 

Are pets allowed?  Are dogs allowed?  Yes, indeed we love pets & consider 'em part of the family, so there's no charge.  Bring the fur-family along!

Can we drink the water?   As all of our water either comes direct from the lake (@ The OG) or a well (@Cahoots and @Woody),  we recommend bringing some drinking water for your getaway.  All nearby supermarkets stock water - easy peasy.  If it's helpful, you can also see other tidbits here on the packing list

What washing up liquid or dishwasher tabs do I need?  Technically, you don't need any as we provide enough for most uses.  If you'd still like to bring some, please bring phosphate free varieties.  Take a gander at the packing list for more info 


Where is the cottage (map)?  You can check out each cottage's layout and address here for The OG, Cahoots, or Woody Cottage.  Don't worry, we'll provide full directions and access information a week before your getaway 

How can I travel there?  How can I get there from Toronto Pearson airport?   If you're traveling without a car, your best bet is to take a shuttle to Orillia or Gravenhurst. From there it's just a 15-20 minute drive to the cottage by either a rental car or taxi.  If there are a few of you traveling, then you can call a limo & have them take you directly to the cottage in style.  Here are some leads:

Where's the nearest grocery store?  Personally, we like to stop at the Zehr's just off highway 11 in Orillia (about 20 minutes from the cottage) - 289 Coldwater Road, Orillia.  Click the link for a google map to help ya find it.  

Are there hospitals nearby?  Yep, there are two hospitals.  One in Orillia (Orillia Soldiers Memorial) and one in Bracebridge (South Muskoka Memorial Hospital). 

What's there to do in Muskoka?  Have a gander at the detailed list of fun and frolicking opportunities in Muskoka