Packing List

Whaddaya bring with ya?

Here are a few lists to help ya pack. You can get all the "what to bring" items at nearby supermarkets.

Kitchen Items

What's Included

  • Dishwasher

  • Dishwasher tabs (phosphate free)

(we provide enough for most uses)
  • Dishwashing liquid soap (phosphate free)

  • Fridge - very large

(approximately 20 cubic feet with large freezer)
  • Spare fridge / freezer

(she's just a spare so not guaranteed in working order)
  • Self-cleaning oven

(suitable for kosher eating)
  • Microwave, coffee maker, toaster

(coffee maker has washable integrated filter)
  • Kitchen cooking equipment & dinnerware

(including a crockpot)
  • Salt and pepper

What to Bring

  • Food & drink

(we like to stop at Zehrs on Coldwater Rd in Orillia as it's close to the cottage & there's an LCBO too)
  • Dishwasher tabs (phosphate free)

(only if ya anticipate a high volume of dish use)
  • Cooking oils & yer favourite spices

  • Drinking water*

*The water at the cottages is safe to use for regular activities such as showering, washing dishes, and the like. For drinking water, we recommend bringing some for your getaway, and all nearby supermarkets stock water - easy peasy :)

Living Areas

What's Included

  • Firewood (hardwood) for indoor fireplaces

(there's enough to start ya off & more is available for purchase, if you'd like)
  • Kindling & newspapers for fireplaces

(enough for most firetenders but if yer a newbie, ya may wanna bring extra and/or a hatchett for breaking logs into kindling)
  • Blankets

  • Board games

  • Books for both adults & kids

  • DVD movies for both adults & kids

What to Bring

  • Additional DVDs

(we provide a DVD player and a selection of movies, but ya may like to bring your own)
  • Firewood (hardwood), kindling & newspaper

(see notes under What's Included)
  • Fire lighter

(we leave matches and/or a lighter but they always seem to go walk-about so if you've got one, please bring it along)

Bedroom Items

What's Included

  • Bedding/sheets

  • Duvets/comforters/blankets

  • Pillows

  • Pillowcases

  • Playpen

(available at OG Cottage & Woody Cottage)

What to Bring

  • Towels

(don't forget some for the sauna too :)

Cleaning Items

What's Included

  • Cleaning products

  • Iron & ironing board

  • Washing machine and dryer

  • Washing soap (phosphate free)

  • Mop, broom, vacuum cleaner

What to Bring

  • 1-ply toilet paper

(we're on a septic system - we provide enough for most uses & you can easily get some locally)


What's Included

  • BBQ (with propane & utensils)

  • Canoe

  • Row boat

(available at OG Cottage & Cahoots Cottage)
  • Paddle boat (also known as a pedalo)

(available at OG Cottage & Cahoots Cottage)
  • Life jackets

(although we provide some to be used at your own risk, life jackets should always be properly fitted to provide appropriate protection)
  • Lots of toys such as volleyball*, horseshoes, football, sand castle kit, etc

* (available at OG Cottage & Cahoots Cottage)
  • Furniture including outdoor dining table, Muskoka chairs, umbrellas, etc

What to Bring

  • Life jackets

(we provide some to be used at your own risk, life jackets should always be properly fitted to provide appropriate protection)
  • Firewood for firepit

(some wood is available for purchase, if you'd like)
  • Water shoes

(not necessary, but some folks prefer the lake swimming & shenanigans with 'em)
  • Fishing equipment and other sundry toys

  • Suntan lotion

  • Insect spray


What's Included

  • Wireless internet (WiFi)

  • Not to mention the beautiful surroundings, sounds of nature, warm fireplaces, a steaming warm hot tub and a lakeside sauna

What to Bring

  • Cell phone

(most major providers get reception at the cottage)
  • Laptop

(if desired - whaddaya crazy or something?)