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P/T Cleaning, Wholehearted Cottage Rental Care (Muskoka, ON)

We’re a caring community of peeps working toward wholeheartedly thriving together & making some great sh!t happen at our wee vacation rental cottages in Muskoka.

We’re fired up to find like-minded peeps, passionate about breaking out of traditional ways of working and ready, willing & able to put in the hard work to wholeheartedly thrive with us.

We’re a collaborating team who rock at taking care of our guests, the cottages, our business, and ourselves. We adore forging meaningful relationships, making genuine connections, and feeling enlivened.

We want to work together with folx we can trust, who treasure holding responsibility, and have a deep sense of mutuality, so that it’s a cinch to meet the high standards of our shared direction. We’re keen for peeps who also delight in authenticity, transparency, making joy-filled choices & holding our own power.

We expect a lot from each other - both personally & professionally - and if that challenge excites you, we’re gonna get along like peanut butter & jelly.

Job Description

We do all the cottage care. Together. We’re passionate about offering our guests (aka fans) a FABulous getaway at our cottages. We make the cottages sparkle - both inside and out - with everything from cleaning, laundry, and outdoor care (lawn, hot tub, beach, dock & deck) to staging furniture, leaving “surprise & delights” and being super caring with our guests & each other. We also use our head & heart to find and fix small issues that need repair or maintenance, from light bulb changes, paint touch ups, and macgyvering, to joining in on inspiring & creative renovations together, wohoooo.


Most of this work is done onsite. We have three cottages in Muskoka, Ontario - two are 20 minutes north of Orillia/south of Gravenhurst. One is 20 mins east of Bracebridge. You must be able to reliably get to the cottages, all year round. If in doubt, check us out: on the Map below.


If you come ready, willing & able to give a sh!t, we’re more than happy to teach you how to care for our cottages. Past that you…

  • Must have a genuine passion for top-notch cleaning

  • Must have reliable transportation

  • Must be ready, willing & able to travel to the cottages, year-round (2-4 times a week)

  • Must be available to work from approx. 10am to 5pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays & Mondays

  • Must have stellar attention to detail

  • Must be ready, willing & able to care for small repairs & maintenance

  • Must have excellent communication skills, both internally & with guests

  • Must be ready, willing & able to communicate using provided mobile apps (chat app, etc)

  • Must have a caring attitude, open heart, curious mind & the ability to tolerate discomfort (we’re big on caring for one another while we roll with whatever comes our way :)

Rate of Pay

We have a variable rate of pay on offer, depending on your ability to make an impact - the more impact, the greater the rate of pay. We’re big believers in living wages so all of our rates are above minimum wage aaaaaand if we’re collectively able to increase our financial prowess, then we have the opportunity to share bonuses as well. (Oh, and there’s oodles of opportunity for advancement/growth - both in the job & as a person - whenever we’re ready, willing, and able to build trust, hold responsibility, and wholeheartedly thrive together.)

Interested? Show us!

To get the ball rolling, share your joy by reaching out with a short letter (max 350 words) that begins with, “I’m super jazzed about this because”. It’s the only way to be considered. Afterall, it's the start of our relationship, and we're only moving forward with folx who'd like to have one. Feel free to show us the real you!

💌 loveletters@trenanthiacottage.com 💌

All the best,

Maggy (and the whole Trenanthia Cottage caboodle)