Barn Sweeping

(aka Cleaning)

Life is bigger™ with more relaxation

We like to keep our rates as pocket-book friendly as possible so we ask ya to leave the cottage as ya found 'er - in a clean, re-rentable state. But some folks prefer not to herd everyone into cleaning up (which can make for a grumpy end of an otherwise lovely getaway), so if you'd prefer, we can arrange for someone else to do the bulk of the cleaning for ya - yaaaaay.

Dubbed the "honey, let's sleep in" package by one of our favourite guests, the barn sweeping covers:

    • Sweeping, vacuuming, washing all floors

    • Cleaning all toilets

    • Cleaning all baths and showers

    • Cleaning all sinks

    • Cleaning all kitchen surfaces, including oven top

    • Cleaning the microwave, coffee machine

    • Cleaning all tables, indoor and outdoor

    • Cleaning the fireplaces

    • Cleaning the barbecue

    • See what's covered in our handy dandy End of Stay List

Pre-book & enjoy relaxing longer for $195 +tax

(reg $345 +tax)