Muskoka Lakeside Weddings

laughing bride and groom on the lakeside dock laughing couple dressed in vintage attire on their wedding day, finding it hard to keep a straight face posing inside a vintage frame

For Lovers of Unique Weddings

We think we're picking up what you're putting down.  You want your wedding to be as unique as the two of you, right?  You've come to just the place.  Trenanthia Cottage offers a natural wonderland ready to be the canvas upon which to create your own unique wedding masterpiece.  Eat, drink and be married, we say!

vintage attired bride & groom cutting their wedding cake bride and groom being toasted with champagne by friends and family vintage attired bride & groom with suitcase in hand, preparing to go on honeymoon lesbian brides kissing after ceremony

For Lovers of Nature

Muskoka.  Lakeside.  Surrounded by forests.  Need we say more?  And although it feels as if Trenanthia Cottage is far, far away, it’s actually on the southern edge of Muskoka so we're just 90 short minutes from Toronto - super easy for all of your guests to find and enjoy!

“Spending a full week with everyone before the wedding - in this fantastic location in Muskoka – now, that was an easy sell for our wedding guests”

bride and groom rowing on the lake wedding guests hugging bride on the dock, in the sunshine wedding enjoying the firepit together

For Lovers of Space (Outdoor & Indoor)

Imagine exchanging your vows surrounded by nature as well as your loved ones, overlooking the lake.  If you prefer, enjoy the weather-resistant ambiance inside the cottage instead.  Depending on the size of your group, you might choose to be married on the walk-out balcony, or in the main living room with its log fireplace and cathedral ceilings.  No matter what you decide, the cottage and its' two acres of grounds are guaranteed to be full of nature - and your loved ones!

wedding guests watching outdoor ceremony from the stairs of the wrap-around deck guests sitting indoors for wedding ceremony wedding guests in a joyous group shot in front of the forest

For Lovers of Laidback Fun

We're guessing you want your wedding to be memorable.  And there are a lot of ways to be memorable.  We favour the laidback, fun-filled version.  How about you? 

Life is bigger with laidback cottage weddings
bride and groom posing for vintage wedding photo with fake groucho marx style moustaches wedding guests shaking a leg on the dance floor in the cottage with a disco ball overhead (that fell down before the night was through, i might add) same-sex lesbian couple horsing around on the dock, one woman doing a strong man pose and the other squeezing her muscles (and laughing, I might add)

For Lovers of Details

Alright, great.  You've made it this far, and now you're thinking "I'd like to know a bit more about the details".  We hear ya.  No problem.  Let's lay out what's included for ya:

Sunny point Up to 16 overnight guests over five bedrooms, four bathrooms, two living rooms & a games room
Sunny point Up to 75 wedding guests spread across two acres outside and 3000 square feet inside
Sunny point Lakeside Hot tub & Sauna, oooooo, ahhhhhh
Sunny point Games room with vintage shenanigans like a stand-up piano, skeeball, crokinole & darts
Sunny point Log fireplaces, & outdoor firepit, romance & warmth from all directions
Sunny point Sandy beach with horseshoes & pro volleyball net
Sunny point Water fun including a canoe, a paddle-boat, & a rowboat
Sunny point Secret room (shhhhhh - it's a secret)
Sunny point Linens / bedding for overnight guests
Sunny point Only 90 minutes from Toronto, zoom, zoom :)
Sunny point And a friendly helping hand from the whole cottage posse!

Rates for weddings at the cottage vary depending on the season and number of overnight & wedding reception guests you wish to invite along to celebrate with ya.  Contact us and we'll give ya the low-down

For Lovers of Extras

We feel weddings are about sharing love and creating fabulous memories together, so enjoy sharing all of the Wedding Folklore Escapades on your big day & throughout your entire getaway for free, free, free :)

Read more about your free Escapades here

For Lovers of Helping Hands

We provide the canvas, you create the masterpiece.  If you need a hand with finding a particular Muskoka-based service, we're happy to put ya in touch with everything you'll need: 
Sunny point Ceremony & legal services, including on-site wedding services (religious or civil) and wedding licenses
Sunny point Celebration supplies, including balloons, streamers, extra tables, chairs, dishes, glasses, etc.
Sunny point Carnival games including jumping castles, parlour games, mini-golf, & more - very memorable, indeed
Sunny point Florist services, with rave reviews and local blooms
Sunny point Catering & bar-tending services - enjoy traditional wedding fare or Muskoka barbecue and pig roasts
Sunny point Boat rentals - consider a wonderful pontoon boat journey around the lake for your guests
Sunny point Overflow accommodation in our other family cottage or local b&bs, resorts, motels & hotels
Sunny point And more - just let us know what yer looking for and we’ll hook ya up, easy peasy!

For Lovers of Friendly Folks

"Why Trenanthia Cottage?", you ask.  Well, we may be ever-so-slightly biased, but besides all the loveliness above, here's our thoughts: 
Sunny point Happy guests for over a decade - Along with our guests, we love our wee family-owned cottage, and we’ve been renting ‘er out for over a decade.  No need to worry about whether we’ll still be around come yer big day

Sunny point Our super-friendly cancellation policy - With a bit o’ luck, you won’t need to know anything about it, but just in case, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got yer back: friendly cancellations

Sunny point A place to call your own - We work hard to keep our rates as accessible as possible all year-round, so whether you’d like to throw a big family gathering to celebrate your anniversary, or cuddle up in the Hot Tub & Sauna just the two of ya, you’ve always got a place to come back to :)

For Lovers of Questions

Got some questions?  Contact us and we'll get y'all sorted, easy peasy.

For Lovers of Each Other


antique metal coffee mugs sitting side-by-side so they spell LO-VE vintage tin sign that reads eat, drink and be married
All info is accurate at time of writing & subject to change or substitution without notice. Escapade™ quantities are for a maximum of 12 guests. There's a minimum $1500 security deposit that'll be refunded in full when ya leave the cottage & her surroundings as you found 'er. Rates are subject to change without notice but once you’re booked in, yer fine as frog fur. Alrighty, now let’s get y’all up here :)