We know that your cottage getaway means a whole lot more to you & yours than just having a roof over your heads.  It’s about coming together to share time & experiences - it’s about creating memories.  And as grandma likes to say, “She who leaves a trail of glitter ain’t never gonna be forgotten!"

Are ya coming up for Relaxation, Play, Celebration or all of 'em?  Simply scroll down for all the details & pick yer favourite Escapades to share with everyone.  Prices are for the whole group to use & enjoy for your entire getaway (not per person, yaaaaay).  And yup, they’re indoor/outdoor, all-season fun. 

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Combine & save!

Combine & save on the Legendary escapades :)

What's Included?

Relaxation Escapades

Ahhhhhh.  Bring an extra level of relaxation to the cottage getaway for you & yours.

Relaxing with the massage chair

Massage Chair

Relax and let this little beauty work on those sore muscles and knots.  Using heat and rotating shiatsu massagers, it’ll relax even the most rigid body ya know.  Ahhhhhh, lovely.

Relaxing with the chatterbox


Open the box, flip over a card and let the chattering begin! You’re bound to learn something new about each other & laugh a lot in the process. There’s questions for all ages, for families, for groups of friends, and everything in-between.

Relaxing with yoga & meditation

Yoga Mats & Meditation Cushions

Make the cottage a place you call ‘ohm’.   Wanna breathe fresh air, calm your mind, and reduce your stress?  Half a dozen each of yoga mats and meditation cushions will ensure everyone is taken care of.  Deep inner calm, coming yer way!

Relaxing with the colouring table

Colouring Table

We all love to unwind with a splash of colour.  Young or old, enjoy doodling away on these washable fabric tablecloths - Mandala design for the adults, and food fun for the wee wonders.  (Comes with oodles of washable crayons & markers, naturally ;)

Relaxing with the sauna robes

Luxurious Sauna Robes

Enjoy to’ing and fro’ing from the hot tub to the sauna & back again with these luxurious, fluffy robes.  Cuddly and warm - fabulous in every season.

Relaxing with the spinning top chair

Spinning Top Chair

There’s nothing quite like a belly laugh to help ya relax.  Enjoy a spin on the Spinning Top Chair and see if you can resist giggling.   Or just lull yourself into a deep relaxation. Whatever takes yer fancy.
Psssst, watch ‘er in action here :)

Celebration Escapades

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, reunion, knot-tying (or anything else) with a one-of-a-kind cottage experience they’ll be talking about for years!

Celebrating with the welcome banner

Personal Welcome Banner

Nothing shouts celebration better than a personalised banner greeting everyone when they arrive.  So let’s get shouting!   Wanna say “Happy Birthday Myrica” or “Congrats Joelen & Kaycee”?  Whatever your heart fancies - within 21 characters, of course :)

Celebrating with the memory jar

Memory Jar

What better way to celebrate and connect with one another than through sharing memories? This big ol’ jar of prompts will ignite stories from folks of all ages. You’ll be reminiscing & sharing in no time.

Celebrating with deluxe decorations

Deluxe Decorations

From vintage bunting to reusable balloons, these deluxe cottagey decorations will make sure everyone remembers there’s a celebration to be had. Worry not, they’re set up & ready to go - all you need to do is celebrate!

Celebrating with a guest 'log'

Guest “Log”

We leave y’all some markers and a guest “log” straight from the cottage forest. A take-home keepsake to bring all of the wacky memories rushing back at a glance.

Celebrating with a fab surprise


A laugh-inducing & super playful activity for the whole gang to enjoy. Shhhhhh, it’s a surprise!

PS If ya really wanna know, ask us and we’ll spill the beans

Celebrating with a selfie photobooth

Selfie Photobooth & Props

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but memories are priceless! Enjoy rooting through the crazy props & trying ‘em all on for size, then join for a selfie with the whole gang - includes super-long selfie stick & stand for your camera, giant backdrop and props galore.

Play Escapades

Take your cottage getaway up a notch with these classic (& slightly bonkers) games for hilarious tales that’ll be told & retold for years to come!  Indoor/outdoor, all-seasons fun.

Playing with the uber limbo

Uber Limbo

“Jack be limbo, Jack be quick / Jack go unda the limbo stick”. Young or old, everyone will have a blast seeing who can limbo the lowest.

Playing with the talking telescope

Talking Telescope

There’s nothing better than perusing the night sky in all its glory ... especially with a guide that knows what they’re talking about! Enjoy an audio tour of whatever you’re looking at and learn fabulous facts & mythology about the heavens.

Playing with the garden game

Giant “Twister”

Gather together for some uproarious fun with this big ol’ version of the classic game with enough room to tie 16 players up in knots!

Playing with cornhole

Flickin’ Chicken Cornhole

Cornhole (also known as bean bag toss) is a fab game of yore to share with the whole gang. Level the playing field by tossing the rubber chickens into the hole - it’s trickier than it looks and sure to leave y’all in fits of laughter!

Playing with the treasure hunt

Timeless Treasure Hunt

A cross between an escape room and an age-old treasure hunt. For young & old alike, you’ll need to work together! Follow the map & decipher the clues to find yer take-home treasure :)

Playing with giant blocks

Jumbo “Jenga”

Classic game for as many players as ya like. Pull a block out without crashing the stack. Worry not, they’re made of cork! Stacks up to 6 feet tall.

Excludes hst.  Escapades™ info is accurate at the time of writing and is subject to change or substitution without notice. Quantities are for a maximum of 12 guests. Prices are subject to change without notice but worry not - once you’ve booked ‘em up, yer fine as frog fur :)