Yes, We're Pet Friendly

woman being sloppily greeted by her dog
Dogs rock.  We love ‘em.  We’re not the pat-pat-pat-whilst-holding-our-nose types either. We like to get right in there for a big slobbery kiss.

But it's not just dogs.  Fun fact: between all of us here at Trenanthia Cottage, we've had 21 cats in our life-times.  That's a lot of cattitude.

No extra charge

We don’t charge extra for pets, whether they're cats, dogs, parakeets, chinchillas or a wunderpus photogenicus (seriously, we didn't even make that up).

We only request a small additional security deposit which will be returned in full when the cottage is left clean, undamaged, pet -hair and -waste free.

Bring your pets along.  Go ahead.  We don’t bite.

two dogs playing in the lake dog hanging out in a boat on the lake with fishers dog enjoying a caught fish on the dock