Passion Calling

Are you ready to answer the call?

We're an inspiring community of care rocking the sh!t outta our lives by sharing wholehearted ways of thriving together, and we're looking for some lovely peeps to join in the fun.


Seeking a Wholehearted Badass

(Work from Home or in Majestic Muskoka)

Wanna use your big heart & considerable talents to do things that matter, with people who give a sh!t?


We’re looking for peeps who're passionate & skilled at implementing their own great ideas & want to make a real difference in the world, cuz we’re shaking thangs up.

We're Different

Just as there are many ways to drink coffee, there are also many ways to work.

Back in the day, we had a choice between strong or weak coffee. Today, there are options from iced coffee, latte, and espresso to cappuccino, affogato and beyond. Each was invented to speak to varied drinker’s tastes. For some, a specific coffee is enjoyable while for others, it’s undrinkable.

Today’s working environments were similarly invented to speak to certain tastes. For some, they’re satisfying, while for others, they’re bitter & unpleasant. Either way, we have a choice!

We’re choosing an entirely different approach to work, one that’s refreshing & invigorating to those of us who’ve yearned for something more. We choose wholehearted ways of working that help us thrive, individually & together.

For example, we choose to be equal contributors. There are no managers, CXOs, juniors, subordinates, or superordinates (who dreams up these terms?!) Rather than command-and-control, we’re all about care-and-contribute. Everyone matters. We all have something to give. We choose to self-manage and in order to make that work, we hold responsibility like superheroes and we see, say & stick to our boundaries.

We expect a lot from each other - both personally & professionally - and if that challenge excites you, we’re gonna get along like peanut butter & jelly.

Who We Are

At the moment, we’re a small & mighty group of a dozen or so peeps who collectively run a wholehearted cottage rental business sprinkled across Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. We started off circa 2008, with a goal of sharing the joy of cottage time with everyone. We work at the cottages and/or remotely, depending on our passions & needs. Either way, we stay connected & make some great sh!t happen together.

We do the basics spectacularly, including booking folx into the cottages; preparing the cottages between guests; and keeping the cottages feeling & looking great. On top of that, we strive to nourish authentic connections, to stir heartfelt emotions, and to smash the Muskoka-is-only-for-the-rich sh!t.

Our plans for the future involve expanding our business adventures and continuing to grow our community of care, where we rock the sh!t outta our lives by sharing wholehearted ways of thriving together.

Speaking of which, the words below shine a light on the big picture of what we truly give a sh!t about - what we yearn for - even if we may not have the hang of ‘em all yet. If we’re aligned at our cores, yer gonna friggin’ love us!

  • Meaning: Our hearts yearn for something more, a greater purpose.

  • Connection: We sense a pull toward the company of others & making deep connections.

  • Empathy: We relish in understanding & sharing the feelings of others.

  • Equality: We know that we’re all equal, and understand it deeply.

  • Diversity: We’re drawn to share space with others who may have different perspectives.

  • Inclusion: We understand the power of including everyone.

  • Respect: We wish to appreciate the essence of each other.

  • Authenticity: We’re drawn to be our true selves & admire it in others.

  • Love: We genuinely want only the best for each other.

  • Generosity: We relish in giving.

  • Sustainability: We wish to live in a way that allows everyone & everything to thrive.

  • Peace: We strive for friendship & harmony.

  • Transparency: We wish to hold ourselves accountable by being candid in all that we do.

  • Diligence: We’re persistent in all of our efforts.

  • Responsibility: We do what we say we’re going to do & own the sh!t out of it.

Who You Are

More than just co-workers who want a job, we’re looking for co-badasses who want a calling, and will bring ease & joy to our community. We know that every person that joins will add to the music we make together, and we’re very clear what we need at this particular moment. (If we happen not to fit together just yet, worry not. We’ll be growing for years to come!)

We’ve found that to thrive in our unique community, there are certain characteristics that are essential. We’re gonna loooove working together, if you’re also:

  • A natural at holding responsibility - you feel enthusiastic taking initiative, doing what you say you’re going to do, and owning the outcome no matter what - even when it’s “not your job” (bleck); you thrive in environments where you get freedom of choice, autonomy & independence; you get sh!t done

  • Drawn to improving, evolving & growing - you’re quick to realise when things could be better & yer drawn to making it so - in all walks of life, including within yourself

  • Authentic, boundaried & kind - you’re comfy expressing your mind & heart with clarity & transparency; you love people, and working collaboratively together with peeps who may have different perspectives; you’re generous with your time, attention & care

  • Full of intrinsic optimism & perseverance - the glass is half full and you’re genuinely grateful for it; you thrive when faced with “red tape” and people who like saying no (double bleck); very little stands in your way when you’re confident in the direction we’re heading

  • Courageous - you effortlessly reach out to pick people’s brains for help & advice; you see feedback of any kind as a golden opportunity; you’re bad-ass about taking educated risks & thrilled to figure out new things

  • Diverse - you’ll bring variety of being, experience, thought, and/or heart to our wee world just by being you :)

  • Open - you’re open to doing things differently (cuz we’ve got that part down to a tee!)

We know the following characteristics aren’t everyone’s bag-o-tricks, and if they happen to be part of who you are, we’d be super chuffed:

  • Explorer & solver of puzzles - you love figuring things out using your unending curiosity & creativity; you’re inspired by a blank canvas & making something out of nothin’; you’re creative as hell

  • Instinctively “why?” oriented - you’re compelled to understand why something is being done before leaping into doing it; questions come easily to you & yer enthusiastic about answering ‘em too

  • A dreamer, grower & do’er - you’re compelled toward both big picture & details; you thrive on feeling, thinking & figuring sh!t out and also getting that great sh!t done, Done, DONE

What You Love

We’re gonna light up each other’s world if you’re also genuinely passionate about all of the following:

  • Cottages - you swoon at the thought of Canada’s favourite pastime, enjoying time together with loved ones at the cottage

  • Nature - you love all things natural and regularly feel yourself drawn outdoors

  • People - you genuinely enjoy the company of others, and have a knack for engaging from your heart; you love both talking with & listening to others

  • Meaning - your heart yearns for something more, a greater purpose, even in the everyday

  • Authentic connections - you sense a pull toward making deep connections with others; you love the idea of big talk over small talk

  • Being your best self - you’re a natural at self-awareness and love the challenge of being your best self every single day (and you’re a-okay when sometimes ya just can’t quite pull it off)

What We Need

Have you ever seen puzzle montages? They’re a FABulous mix up of pieces from multiple jigsaw sets to create entirely new, magical images, such as a galloping train (a mashup of a train puzzle & a horse puzzle).

We’re looking to make a montage of our passion puzzle pieces together to create entirely new, magical realities. Rather than being forced into narrowly defined boxes (aka roles), we prefer to freely explore work we’re passionate about, discover our unique capabilities & find our own inner meaning. We all know what needs to be done & we trust each other to do what matters.

We’re currently missing these passion puzzle pieces. You’ll rock our world if you’re authentically passionate about one or more of the following:

🧩Whipping cottages into shape between guests - it brings you great joy to transform a living space from a pigsty into a dazzlingly clean & inviting oasis; your eye-for-detail & cleanliness is second to none; you love to surprise & delight people with personal touches in everything you do

🧩Renovating & Repairing - your impressive home fix-it know-how comes from a deep curiosity for how things work; your perfect day is another’s nightmare because surprise issues excite you - you love to transform a space with wood, hammer & nails

🧩Creating beauty - you’re passionate about creating visual beauty in any number of ways such as home staging, decor, interior design, graphic design, product design, visuals; your heart skips a beat with the challenge of evolving something heartfelt-but-ugly into something visually stunning

🧩Organizational prowess - your heart sings when creating order out of chaos; streamlining processes & ways of working brings you joy; planning & coordinating ahead of making great sh!t happen is second-nature to you

🧩Attracting fans with marketing - you leap outta bed in the morning excited about solving the puzzle of how to inspire fans (rather than customers); your heart is compelled toward attraction over promotion; creating inspiring packaging & placement for wonderful products & ideas invigorates you

🧩Building relationships on social media - you adore spending quality time connecting with others on social media; virtual relationships matter to you just as much as irl ones

🧩 Hanging out in finance & numbers-land - you love to hang out in numbers-land, exploring & creating financial & business know-how, and helping to navigate educated risk; working with spreadsheets are your happy place

🧩 Bringing bookkeeping clarity - putting numbers into their correct buckets makes your eyes light up; your wee l’il heart sings when ya find transposed digits; you love rooting around in the books for clarity & understanding

🧩Digging into accounting - exploring financial statements excites you; discovering ways to improve business performance without losing heart matters to you; you yearn to bring more creativity & panache to what you do, and to genuinely make a difference in this world

Puzzle montage of a train and a horse

What You Need

We’re keen on creating a community of like-minded & like-hearted peeps. Although our financial prowess may be limited at the moment, we offer good pay and loads of other loveliness, including:

  • Loving our view - we self-select into working from home and/or working from the lakeside

  • Choosing our own adventures - rather than being limited by roles, ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’, we self-select into the work we’re passionate about

  • Surfing our waves - we all know what needs to be done & trust each other to do what matters. Past that, we strive to find our own best rhythm. Working parents, who need to be in & out at different times, make it work. Sunlovers, who enjoy mid-afternoon walks, find a way. (Basically, we treat each other like the gosh darn responsible adults that we are!)

Plus we’ve got oodles of other sweet dreams coming down the pipeline.

Stay tuned!

Feeling excited?

Great, show us! To get the ball rolling, all we ask for is a letter (max 350 words) that begins with: "I’m passionate about ...” where ya share what’s shaking yer bones. No need to attach a resume unless it’s ready & raring to go, cuz we’re sure you’ve got many great experiences on there, aaaaand we’d like to get to know You :)

(It’s important to finish the sentence above as it’s the only way to be considered. We’re different and we’re looking for peeps who’re equally passionate about being different. Show us that’s you!)

Alrighty, let's get to know each other some more~ Email your letter to us at:

Our Stories: Choice Matters

After more than a decade of remission, her cancer came back kicking like an upside-down beetle. One of the loveliest people I know, this special woman in my life had an aura of peace & kindness that’d draw a smile on your face from fifty paces. She was, and still is, my epitome of living life to the fullest. Not fullest like having a new whirlwind adventure every day, just fullest by her definition - and she seemed to have one.

She made it clear that she wanted those of us who loved her to spend our time living our lives, not caring for her illness. During her relapse, we didn’t know if she’d be with us for years longer, or gone in a moment. In our quiet times together, I silently wished for a miracle cure.

The moments after the text message arrived are forever seared into my memory. It was a big day at work. I was in a meeting where I was being assessed for a promotion. My bosses had just stepped out of the room to begin the decision-making in private, when the text arrived. “She’s slipping away. If you want a last moment with her, you need to come now.”

I remember very clearly, sitting there. Waiting. My heart racing, the tears threatening like thunder clouds in the distance. I waited for my bosses to come back. In their own time. I’ve tried to tell myself that I didn’t have a choice, but I did. I chose.

It may have only been an hour, but it’s an hour I’ll never get back.

More than a job. We're home.

Come thrive with us.