Top 5 people you should always invite to the cottage

When you plan a group trip to the cottage, you need to choose your guests wisely.
Screen them. Hand out surveys. Hold auditions. However you do it, make sure you have a mixed bag of top quality cottage guest material.

Here’s a guide to help you select the 5 people you definitely want to invite to the cottage :

The ‘Monica Geller’

Monica Gellar from the tv sitcom Friends wearing a yellow sweater

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase You’re so Monica to a friend, it was likely in reference to their obsessive cleanliness and compulsive need to have everything in order at all times.

While it might get scary at times, don’t let this pearl of a companion go to waste.  He or she will come in handy at the cottage, like a magical little sprite that comes out after everyone goes to sleep and tidies up the place before they wake up.

The best part is that it’s in their nature to be that way, so you don’t even have to feel bad about waking up to clean dishes

The hooch ninja

playing the guitar on the deck at the cottage with a nice cold glass of beer

You’re sitting around the fire with a beer in hand enjoying the toasty warm glow and watching two geese fight each other in the lake.  Life is good.

You look down and suddenly the near empty brew you were sipping on is completely full and cold.  What kind of ninja swapped your drink so fast!? Oh nobody, just the awesome friend you invited who's known far and wide for their hospitable personality.

Any friend who enjoys topping up wine glasses, fetching cold beers, and making sure the fridge and cooler are well stocked is a friend looking out for your best interests.

The court jester

Y'know, the comedian.  Not necessarily a real professional comedian - I mean you could hire one just for the trip but that might be weird.

I'm talkin' about that genuinely funny person who cracks jokes at all the right moments, adds comic relief to sticky situations, & tells amazing stories.  Injecting humour into the group dynamic guarantees a lively trip without dull moments.

The funny friend is usually the one who helps create those ‘you had to be there’ memories, like that time when Tammy told everyone the giant rock was an angry bear in speedos - never mind, you had to be there

The hash slinger

the chef at the lakeside barbecue surrounded by hungry friends & family

Somewhere between the Monica Gellar and the madcap is a friend who has mad kitchen skills.  They can prepare a super organized grocery list, create a wickedly delicious meal plan and fire up the BBQ to make a mean gourmet steak.

With the hash slinger around, you’re not going to be eating plain old peanut butter sandwiches. Just be wary of any dish with the words 'road' and 'kill' in the name.

friends jumping into the lake from a rock (circa 1904)

The madcap

Ultimate Frisbee?  Canoeing?  Streaking through the woods? This person is up for anything, and your cottage trip definitely needs that kind of friend on board.

It’s easy to get lazy and just lounge around unless you have someone who can motivate everybody into getting their butts in gear.  They always have ideas!  A game plan!  Chronic insomnia!

The fun happens when the wheels are turning, so definitely invite that wacky free spirit and let them lead the way!