Beerfriz & yuckbee explained

An imaginary random poll of cottagers has found that Muskoka’s favourite summer cottage game is beerfriz.  Haven’t played it yet?   It’s simple & maniacally fun :

multi-generational family playing beerfriz in the summer sun
  1. Teach the dog not to steal the frisbee (good luck!)
  2. Split into two (or more) teams
  3. Each team puts an empty bottle or can onto a perch
      (a chair, a log, the picnic table, whatever)
  4. The other team stands 25 feet away from the perch,
  5. and trys to knock the can/bottle off with a frisbee,
  6. while the thrower has a drink in their other hand
  7. Take turns back & forth between teams where :

every miss sees the throwing team take a drink
every hit sees the other team take two drinks
every clean hit (can/bottle only) sees the other team take three drinks


For those less inclined toward alcohol - including the kids - try yuckbee, where you consume a tastebud-challenging drink instead such as sour lemonade, ginger beer or the yuckbee special

Recipe: Yuckbee special

1 cup of hot water ( 8 oz or 240 ml )
1 tbsp apple juice
1 tbsp ground chili pepper
1 lemon ( lemon juice & lemon zest )

Peel lemon & cover the peels with hot water for 10 minutes.  Then, add other ingredients.  Stir regularly