Whiffletree Tips

" There's a big difference between the ox and the whiffletree," grandma would say as she laid down some sage advice.  What the heck it actually meant is beyond us, but she had some great tips to share . . .

Cottage Hooch

Back alley know-how for having a good time at the cottage

Top 5 people to invite along
You'll definitely want the 'Monica Geller' - trust me -but who else?
How to rock the kitchen together
With these ideas, you'll love making food at the cottage
Beerfriz & yuckbee explained
Learn to play one of Muskoka’s favourite cottage games

Holiday Berries

Handy as a latch on an outhouse door, these holiday tips'll keep ya laughing at the very least

Mother's day giggle water
How to have a mother's day to remember at the cottage
Good use of Christmas sweaters
How to throw an ugly sweater party this festive season
White elephant gift exchange
How to spice up your gift exchange this & every year

Weather Whits

This ain't our first rodeo so we know a thing or two about making the most of any kind of weather up here

Top 5 signs summer's coming
Us Canadians are a crazy bunch when summer starts peeking