We're a Hotbed of Birding Activity

Muskoka is a birder’s paradise, with no fewer than 250 species of birds choosing to call the region home.
Sparrow Lake in particular is a hotbed of avian activity, making Trenanthia Cottage, which is located on its shore, the ideal headquarters for birders preparing to explore the area.

Bird Variety (all year round)

The lake itself is frequented by Caspian Terns, great blue herons and a variety of ducks, while the woods surrounding Trenanthia Cottage, much of which is crown land, are excellent grounds for spotting a wide range of warblers, including black-throated greens and blues, yellows, chestnut-sided, Blackburnians, and Nashvilles.
Great birding with Loons and a Great Grey Heron

Spring Migration

A key time for birding at Trenanthia is during the spring migration from mid-April through early June, when as many as six species of swallows and 12 species of shorebirds pass through. In fact, by mid-May it’s possible to see more than 50 species of birds in a single day!
Great birding with trumpeter swans and a great grey owl

Fall Migration

Come autumn, many birds begin their southward migration, once again making Trenanthia Cottage an ideal vantage point. The fall migration lasts from mid-August to early November and features a number of species, including horned larks, snow buntings, and rusty blackbirds.