Trenanthia Cottage Rental Application

Please print and complete this application form, then scan (or photograph) it and email to Unfortunately, bookings will not be confirmed until the completed application form and initial payment are received, reviewed, and accepted.  

Please note: It will significantly speed up the booking process if you fill this form out completely :)


Personal Details 

Applicant’s Name ___________________________________________________________ Age ____________

Address ___________________________________________________________________ Unit # __________

City ___________________________________________ Province/State ______________________________

Postal/Zip Code ____________________________ Country _________________________________________ 

Phone: Home (____)_______________ Cell (____)__________________ Work(____)_____________________

Email address ______________________________________________________________________________

Drivers License Number ________________________________________ License Plate # ________________

Please provide a scan or photo of 2 pieces of Identification - at least one with a photo 

(eg: passport, driver's licence, credit card) 

Employer’s Name, Address, Telephone _________________________________________________________



Job Title ____________________________________________________ Length of Employment ___________

Information about who will be there
Please supply the following information for all adults and children occupying the cottage:

 Full Name  Age    Email Address/Phone  Relation
License Plate #













Are you bringing any day or overnight guests? Please supply the following for all guests:

 Full Name  Age    Email Address/Phone
License Plate #




Are you bringing any pets? Please provide the following details on all pets:

 Type of Pet  Breed  Weight  Age  Additional Information

Booking Information (Please fill in)

Requested Rental Dates: From ___________________________ to ___________________________


Rental Rate: Provided to you by Trenanthia Cottage (50% required to ensure your booking*)
Additional services to make the most of your time away...
$          50
Internet Access? Would you like to be able to surf the internet from anywhere in the cottage, or outside on the deck with high-speed wireless internet?  If not, simply cross off this amount =>
$          25
Nintendo Wii? Would you like to enjoy some interactive video games for the whole family with the Nintendo Wii?  If not, simply cross off this amount =>
$          59
Entertainment Bundle? Would you like to save by adding both the Nintendo Wii and high-speed wireless internet as a package deal?  If not, simply cross off this amount =>
$         195 Cleaning Service? You must leave the cottage in a clean, re-rentable state but how would you prefer to have someone else do the bulk of the cleaning up?  Take advantage of our great Time Out Cleaning Service. If not, simply cross off this amount =>
$         140 Bedding (Linens) Rental? Would you like to avoid the hassle of packing your own bedding by taking advantage of our bedding (linens) rentalWe´ll provide bedding (linens) for all beds and clean up afterward. If not, simply cross off this amount =>
$         140
Towel Rental? Would you like the convenience of a towel service? If so, add our towel rental feature and relax and enjoy your vacation completely.  If not, simply cross off this amount =>
$          40
Hot Tub Guy Service? If you´d prefer not to worry about keeping the Hot Tub clean throughout your stay with us, why not take advantage of the Hot Tub Guy service? The Hot Tub Guy will come by regularly to return the Hot Tub to its original, fresh, inviting condition - throughout your stay!  If not, simply cross off this amount =>
$      Total + HST and a security deposit of $1000 minimum*** 

* In order to ensure your booking, please send us 50% of the 
Rental Rate provided to you by Trenanthia Cottage (as above) either by Email Money Transfer (preferred) or Pay Pal Personal Transfers to  (We are sorry but due to an unfortunate circumstance we can no longer accept personal cheques.  If you choose to use "PayPal Purchase" with your credit card, please note that PayPal charges a 3% fee which, as a family owned cottage, we are unable to cover.  Please ensure that this charge is covered within your payment.  Please contact us and we'll happily walk you through how to organise this.)  The balance is due 30 days before the start of your holiday along with the security deposit.

*** The security deposit will be returned in full when the cottage is left undamaged and in a clean, re-rentable state.  The minimum security deposit is $1000.  We reserve the right to request additional security deposits for such items as pets, large gatherings, events, extended stays, etc.  Your Security deposit will be returned by Email Money Transfer or Pay Pal within 10 business days of the end of your rental period provided that the cottage is left undamaged and in a clean, re-rentable state – please refer to the Terms and Conditions and Household Rules.

How did you hear about us?
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Found on social media (facebook, twitter, etc) Found on a classifieds site (craigslist, kijiji, etc)
Doh.  I don't remember! Other **

** Please specify: __________________________________________________________________________ 

Limitations of Liability

I/we hereby acknowledge that the above statements are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge. I/we represent, warrant, acknowledge and agree the terms of this agreement that I/we will use the cottage and its facilities in accordance with the booking agreement, Terms and ConditionsHousehold Rules, Hot Tub Rules, Pet Rules, End-of-Rental Checklist and that I/we do so at our own risk and that I/we indemnify and save the Property Owner and its agents harmless from any personal injury, sickness or death, loss or damage, however caused, to person or property of the Holidaytaker, her/his family, or guests, during or after the time of occupancy. Further, I/we accept full responsibility for the use of the cottage by all guests and the use of any recreational equipment such as watercraft, etc. and agree to pay for any repairs or replacement to property or belongings, other than for normal wear and tear.  I/we also acknowledge I/we are responsible for ensuring all Boating Regulations are observed, including having required safety equipment in the watercraft, and meeting Operator Competency Requirements.

Signature of Applicant: _____________________________________________ Date: ___________________

Printed Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Privacy Policy:
 All information collected by us will not be passed onto anyone else. We may use your email address to keep you informed about interesting Muskoka events and special offers/discounts for future stays at Trenanthia Cottage (including fantastic deals on last minute availability) that are only made available to our fans on social media and on our e-mailing list. But if you'd prefer that we do not contact you about this, please feel free to tick the box on the left.
Thank you very much!  We'll be in touch shortly  
Document dated: January 26, 2013