Understanding email money transfers (EMTs)

Here, hopefully, you will find everything you need to know to understand and be comfortable with email money transfers (EMTs).

What does email money transfer (EMT) mean?

A retail banking service that allows users to transfer funds between personal accounts using email and their online banking service. Email money transfers are considered secure because only the notification of transfer is done through email. The actual funds are settled through the existing funds transfer networks that banks have used for years. Read more . . . 

New to e-mail money transfers (EMTs)?

E-mail Money Transfers (EMTs) are the simplest, least expensive option for payment. If you're not quite sure about the benefits of it, have a look at this Globe and Mail article entitled "E-mail Money Transfer is the better way"

What do I do?

Go to your bank and follow their instructions on how to send an EMT to frogfur@trenanthiacottage.com.  Or follow the Sample Instructions below.  All of the major banks in Canada use EMTs including: CIBC, RBC, TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank, BofM, and many other institutions.

Sample instructions (CIBC)

Setting up an Email Money Transfer is very straightforward.  Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to do it for CIBC online banking customers (it's similar for other banks).

Step 1: Log into online banking and then select “Email Money Transfers” from the menu on the left and push the “Send Money” button . . .

Step 1 - Email Money Transfer instructions

Step 2:  Select “Add a new recipient” . . .

Step 2 - Email Money Transfer instructions

Step 3
:  Enter the recipient’s information, which in this case will be :

Name:    Trenanthia Cottage
E-mail notice language preference:    English
E-mail address:    frogfur@trenanthiacottage.com

then push the “Add” button . . .

Step 3 - Email Money Transfer instructions

Step 4:
 Enter the “Message to Recipient” (here feel free to say something like “For our spiffy vacation”), enter the “Amount” as agreed in our communications, and then select which account you wish the funds to be removed from . . .

Step 4 - Email Money Transfer instructions

Step 5 (optional):  If you haven’t set up your profile in the past, you’ll need to click the link that says “edit your profile”

Step 5 - Email Money Transfer instructions

Step 6 (optional):  Enter your own “E-mail Name” (in other words, your name) and “E-mail Address” (your email address), and then push the “Next >” button . . .

Step 6 - Email Money Transfer instructions

Step 7:  You’re all finished on the main Send Money page now so just press the “Continue” button

Step 7 - Email Money Transfer instructions

Step 8:  (We suggest) that you “Select a security question >>” from the drop down.  

Please note that you will need to share this answer with us so that we can collect the money.  Type in your “Security Answer” noting that you cannot have spaces or any other special characters.  Type it in again in the “Enter security answer again” box.  Be sure to send frogfur@trenanthiacottage.com an email with the answer exactly as you typed it.  Push the “Continue” button.

Step 8 - Email Money Transfer instructions

Step 9:  Lastly push the “Send Money” button and you’re off and running . . .

Step 9 - Email Money Transfer instructions

All done.  Life is bigger with a helping hand