Barn sweeping (aka cleaning)

Hang out more often than mama's washing ('cuz we do the cleaning for ya)

woman relaxing on a muskoka chairSweeping, vacuuming, washing all floors
checkmarkCleaning all toilets
checkmarkCleaning all baths and showers
checkmarkCleaning all sinks
checkmarkCleaning all kitchen surfaces, including oven top
checkmarkCleaning the microwave, coffee machine
checkmarkCleaning all tables, indoor and outdoor
checkmarkCleaning the fireplaces
checkmarkCleaning the barbecue

Life is bigger when you relax for longer

The complete list of items included in the barn sweeping are detailed in the end of stay checklist.  It does not cover the following: any damage to the cottage or its' furnishings and fixtures; excessive cleaning required due to spillage, pets or unhygienic behaviour, etc; washing up of, or putting away, kitchen items such as dishes, cutlery, glasses, etc.  Garbage and recycling must still be removed from the cottage as outlined in the terms and conditions.  Purchase of barn sweeping does not limit your liabilities as outlined in the terms and conditions. You must still leave the cottage in a reasonable state of cleanliness.