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Using the High Speed, Wireless Internet

Hi folks,

Below are some instructions on how to access the highspeed wireless internet connection at the cottage.  The "SSID" (name of the network) is "theCottage" and the "network key" (password) will be emailed to you just before your arrival. 

We've tried our best to compile instructions for both Windows and Apple laptops.  It would be great if you could give us any feedback on these instructions so we can improve them for others.  We do hope the information is helpful!   

If you have any trouble with the router once you've connected, you can turn the router off and on again to reboot it by unplugging the electrical cord to the right of the bed in the main bedroom.

All the best,
The friendly folks at Trenanthia Cottage :)

Connecting Using a Windows Laptop


To connect your computer to your wireless network


Right-click the wireless network icon in the lower right corner of your screen, and then click View Available Wireless Networks.

Wireless network shortcut menu with View Available Wireless Networks selected

Note from Microsoft: If you run into problems, consult the documentation that came with your network adapter. Don't hesitate to call the manufacturer's technical support number for help.


The Wireless Network Connection window appears and displays your wireless network listed with the name of the network ("SSID").  At Trenanthia Cottage this is "theCottage". If you don't see "theCottage", click Refresh network list in the upper left corner. Click "theCottage", and then click Connect in the lower right corner.

Choose a wireless network page in Wireless Network Connection window


Windows XP prompts you to enter a key. Type the network key that we provided in an email in both the Network key and Confirm network key boxes, and then click Connect.

Wireless Network Connection window network key page


Windows XP will show its progress as it connects to your network. If the Wireless Network Connection window continues to show Acquiring Network Address, you may have mistyped the encryption key—click Cancel and return to step 3.

After you're connected, you can close the Wireless Network Connection window. Now you're ready to browse the Web wirelessly. Enjoy!

Connecting Using an Apple Laptop


OS 10.5 Leopard:

1. Make sure you do not have the cable from the wireless router plugged in at the same time or the following will not apply.
On the upper right corner of your laptop screen, make sure your AirPort is turned on.
Select the name of the network.  In the example below it's called "nostrings", at Trenanthia Cottage it's called "theCottage".
4. You will have to enter the security settings.  The wireless security protocol is "WPA" and the "network key" was provided in an email.


OS 10.4 Tiger:

  1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.
  2. Click the Network Icon.

    System preferences

  3. In the Show: field, make sure that Airport is selected

    Show field

  4. In the By default, join: field, select Preferred Networks.

    Preferred Networks

  5. Click the plus (+) sign to add a network. You will then see this window:

    Click the plus sign

    Type "theCottage" in the Network Name: field and click OK.
    And "WPA" in the Wireless Security field.  The network key was provided in an email prior to your arrival at the cottage.

  6. Click Apply Now.
  7. The airport signalAirport signalon the top right corner of your window should now show connectivity and you should be able to use a web browser, e-mail or any other application that requires a network connection.

OS 10.3 Panther/10.2 Jaguar:

  1. Go to Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Setup Assistant and open up the Setup Assistant.


  2. Make sure "Set up your computer to join an existing AirPort Network" is selected and click Continue.


  3. The next screen should say that it is ready to configure your computer to access the network "theCottage". If it does, click Continue.

    If it does not
    , and instead says "No Networks found," then do the following:
    • From the Airport Setup Assistant menu, choose Quit Airport Setup Assistant.
    • From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.
    • Click on the Network icon.
    • In the Show: field, make sure that Airport is selected.
    • In the By default, join: field, select A Specific Network.
    • Type "theCottage" in the Network: field.
    • Click Apply Now.

      Set up

    • Close the Network window and proceed to step 5.

  4. When the next screen appears click Done.
  5. You should now be able to use a web browser, e-mail or any other application that requires a network connection.

Please do contact us to give us any feedback that will help to improve the instructions for future cottage holiday-takers :)  Much appreciated!